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Creditor Claim How-To Guide in Nevada Probate

Are you aware of the circumstances of when a creditor claim can be rejected?

If the Creditor Claims are not properly or timely filed, it can be rejected. Knowing how to present a claim is just as important as knowing the filing deadlines.  Once a rejection is received, the Creditor must take action within a certain time frame or the claim cannot be pursued. Explaining the range of options available to a creditor, assessing the merits of claims, determining the most advantageous forum to pursue the claim, and, evaluating the likelihood of recovery are only a few of the important skills we offer a Creditor contemplating filing a claim in a Nevada Probate.

Experience which makes a difference.

Our firm has extensive experience in all aspects of probate matters and we have represented individuals, private fiduciaries, government agencies and professional trust companies in probate matters throughout Nevada. As a result, we are familiar with the important deadlines for filing claims which, if not met, can result in the denial of a claim.  However, we are also an experienced business and commercial litigation firm representing local clients and national companies in disputes throughout the Nevada courts.

Creditor Claims in Nevada Probate

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