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Cremation, Organ Donation, Funeral Arrangements and Your Estate Plan

Few decisions could be more personal than the disposition of your remains upon your passing. Nevertheless, many estate plans fail to address these highly emotional issues. Estate planning is one of the…

Living Trusts v. Wills

There are several differences between a living trust and a will. The following infographic explains just a few of those differences. To view more infographics, please access our library.
What if the Executor Doesn't Probate the Will?

What if the Executor Doesn't Probate the Will?

What Does Probate for a Will Mean? Have you wondered “what is a will and probate”? The word “probate” originated from the Latin word “probate” which means “to prove.” A will is a legal…

The Need to Review and Revise Your Estate Plan – Part 2

Learn about important changes in the law that warrant everyone to consider revising their estate plan.VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Lee Drizin: Hi, everyone, this is Atty. Lee Drizin, and this is part two…
Need to Review and Revise Your Estate Plan – Part 1

The Need to Review and Revise Your Estate Plan – Part 1

Learn about the dangers of oral promises; problems resulting from "do it yourself "changes, and the most important reasons to review and revise your estate plan.VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Lee Drizin: Hi,…
Senior Hours

Supermarkets Offer Special “Senior Hours”

Coronavirus fears have resulted in people all over the world rushing to stack up on hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other products and to clear store shelves of produce, fresh meat and anything else they…

5 Important Things You Should Know About Being a Beneficiary.

A “beneficiary” is a person that is identified in a Will or Trust to receive a distribution of all or a part of the Estate. An “heir” is a person identified by the statute to receive all or a part…
most important clause in estate planning

The most important clause in estate planning

The two most common devices for distributing your assets upon death are a will and trust. Both documents should contain language that provide for the distribution of your assets and this can be completed…
can a will be contested

How Long After Probate Can a Will be Contested?

Can a Will be Contested After Probate? When you learn that you were left out of a will, or that your inheritance is a smaller portion of the estate than you anticipated, or you believe the will is invalid…
Celebrating Martin Luther King Dayv

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

On Monday, January 20, 2020, we celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.Don't forget the Annual Parade. The March will be held on Monday, January 20, starting from Holmes Street and MLK Jr.…
The City of Henderson

Drizin Law adds 2nd Office Location in Henderson

Drizin Law is expanding. To better serve our clients, we are pleased to announce that Drizin Law has opened a second location in Henderson, NV. If you have estate planning, probate or guardianship matters…
Estate Planning Shouldn’t Be a DIY Project

Why Estate Planning Shouldn’t Be a DIY Project

These days, social media can help you figure out just about any do it yourself (DIY) project. Do you want to fix a leaky faucet, make your own soap, install your own garage door opener? Chances are there’s…

Don't Let Estate Planning Scare You!

Not having an estate plan can be spooky!  When it comes to creating an estate plan or reviewing a currently existing plan, most people procrastinate. Download our free e-book about Nevada Estate Planning…

Compensation for Personal Representatives

The Last Will and Testament of a decedent will generally nominate someone to serve as the personal representative. The personal representative is responsible for addressing certain issues and following…
Letters Testamentary

What are Letters Testamentary?

When someone who wrote a will dies, the person named as the Executor of the Estate in the Will must file with the court to obtain Letters Testamentary before they can legally act in their official capacity…

Happy Labor Day! - 2019

From all of us at Drizin Law, we wish you a happy and safe memorial day. 
Estate Planning Mistakes to avoid

Common Estate Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Taking care of your estate plan feels morbid to some people. As a result, many people die without taking the steps they would have taken to ensure their wishes would be followed. Every state has a will…
Importance of pour over will

Never Work Without a Net: The Importance of a Pour Over Will

The revocable living trust is a method of planning for the distribution of your estate upon your passing. The Trust enables your assets to be distributed to your beneficiaries without being subject to…