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What Is Summary Administration?

Did you know the probate process can be shortened in certain circumstances?  

If the value of the assets in the Estate are less than $300,000, a “Summary Administration” is permitted. As a result, certain procedures are shortened or eliminated. For example, the hearing on the initial petition need not be published, and the creditors’ claim period is shortened from 90 to 60 days.

The petition for summary administration must include (1) jurisdictional information; (2) a description of the property of the decedent; (3) the names and residences of the heirs/devisees of the decedent and their relationship to the decedent, as well as the age of any heir/devisees who are minors; and (4) a statement that the person to be appointed as personal representative has never been convicted of a felony.

If it is subsequently discovered that the gross estate is worth more than $300,000, the summary administration must be converted into a general administration and the requirement complied with.

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