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Trust, Estate, and Guardianship Attorneys

Estate, trust, and guardianship law is complex; mistakes can be difficult or impossible to rectify. A Henderson probate lawyer is responsible for making sure your documents are set-up properly the first time to avoid problems later. Experienced estate planning attorneys help you avoid problems and litigation that can delay settlement of an estate.

Whether it’s time for you to plan your own estate or you’re charged with settling the estate of a loved one, it is important to have a Henderson law firm you can trust as your partner throughout the process. Use an estate planning attorney in Henderson when you set up your will, trust, and guardianship documents because local help makes settling your estate easier on your heirs when the time comes. Local, professional help in Henderson, Nevada will help them when they are grieving.

A Henderson probate attorney will be convenient if you need to make changes to your plans and, as you age, having someone close by will make it less likely that you’ll put off making changes when they are needed due to changing family circumstances.

If you need a guardianship attorney
in Henderson

Because your loved one is no longer able to manage their own affairs, we have the experience you need to make the process as easy to handle as possible under what are often difficult circumstances. Contacting a Henderson attorney to establish guardianship before your loved one has interactions with social services can prevent a lot of avoidable headaches. When you’re proactive, the court is more likely to perceive you as an involved and loving family member than when you’re responding to a situation social services brings to the court’s attention after a preventable problem arises.

If you’re unsure how to best take care of an independent minded elderly relative, a Henderson lawyer can help you understand when to take action and problems to watch out for. Interventions are a difficult topic. Having someone with experience to guide you can help you know you’re taking the right actions at the appropriate time.


As an experienced trust attorney in Henderson, your trust documents will be set-up so they are able to fulfill your wishes and help your estate avoid the time and expense of probate. Avoiding probate means your assets won’t become a public record which can protect your heirs from predators who look for victims among those with recent inheritances. Trusts are also much more difficult to change by disappointed relatives. If you are the beneficiary of a trust that is being challenged, a trust litigation lawyer in Henderson stands ready to defend your rights against the challenge.

If you’ve relocated to Henderson, Nevada from another state, checking that your estate planning documents meet Nevada’s requirements is an important step in the estate planning process. If you’ve relocated from elsewhere in the state, having a local attorney who knows you and is familiar with your family dynamics and desires will help ensure your wishes are carried out. There’s a lot to do and see in Henderson. Before you become caught up in enjoying the sights and local attractions, make sure your estate is in order. The years’ fly by when you’re enjoying life.