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Personal Representatives vs Trustees

Personal Representatives vs Trustees

It’s easy to get confused with legal jargon and feel like the process is “over your head”. However, being able to communicate with your attorney is important and enables your counsel to more effectively…
Questions To Ask Stigmatized Properties

3 Questions you need to ask about stigmatized properties

Stigmatized properties present a special challenge in real estate and licensees should be aware of their obligations about their disclosure and potential liability! Imagine the property you just listed…
Drizin Law Impact Loneliness Seniors

The Impact of Loneliness on Seniors

Loneliness occurs in people of all ages but maybe a particular problem in the elderly. A study conducted by scientists at Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore), Nihon University (Tokyo, Japan), and their…

7 Reasons Why its Time to Review Your Estate Plan

All too often, clients who have executed estate plans don’t recognize the importance of reviewing their documents from time to time. Unfortunately, in some instances, your loved one may no longer be…
Avoid Probate Surprises

Avoid Probate Surprises

I was recently contacted by someone whose mother had just passed away. Her mother lived in Las Vegas and owned two interests in real estate located in Clark County - the home she resided in at the time…
Lee Drizin

Difference Between Will & Revocable Living Trust

 VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Lee Drizin: Hi everyone. This is Attorney Lee Drizin, and today I'd like to talk about the difference between a will and a revocable living trust. Clients often ask us whether…