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Hate speech update

Hate Speech Update

In our February 17, 2022 blog article entitled “Hate Speech is an ethical violation even when not related to real estate activities” we discussed…
do I need a will

Do I Really Need a Will?

Maieutics. That’s the word used to describe the Socratic method of answering a question with a question. The short answer to the question…
Separation Doesn’t Prevent Nevada Spouses from Receiving Your Estate

Separation Doesn’t Prevent Nevada Spouses from Receiving Your Estate

In 2010 the New York Times printed an article entitled “The Un-Divorced”. The article discussed couples who have stayed separated for years…
married spouses need a Durable Power of Attorney

Even Married Spouses Need a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions

Imagine a situation where your spouse suddenly becomes extremely ill, is rushed to the hospital, and becomes incapacitated. The spouse is admitted…
Set Aside

Avoiding Probate with a Set Aside Petition

Probate is the legal procedure your estate goes through after a loved one passes away (the “decedent”). The court will oversee the process…
living will vs will

What's the difference between a Will and a Living Will?

Although these documents sound the same, they serve completely different functions and are both important and necessary parts of your estate…