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Senior Scam - Life Insurance

Senior Scam - Life Insurance

Stranger originated life insurance (“STOLI”) is a type of insurance arrangement in which a person you don’t know very well (the “stranger”) takes out a policy on your life. It's a new type of…
When a landlord passes away

What happens when a landlord passes away?

A tenant recently contacted me and expressed concern that he learned the landlord had passed away and the property was being administered through probate. Naturally, he had many questions - was he obligated…
Why are certain trusts referred to as “living”?

Why are certain trusts referred to as “living”?

A Trust is simply a means of holding and transferring property. A Trust serves as a Will substitute.
Nevada’s COPE Program

What caregivers should know about Nevada’s COPE Program.

The Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division's Community Service Options Program for the Elderly (“COPE”) provides non-medical services to older persons to help them maintain independence in their own homes...
Restrictions for Pets and Livestock

County Code Restrictions for Pets and Livestock

You’ve just closed on your new residence in Clark County only to learn that your next door neighbor is the proud owner of 14 cats. What can you do? The short answer is, it depends. According to the…
Confidentiality and Revocable Trusts

Confidentiality and Revocable Trusts

The revocable living trust may offer advantages other than the potential costs savings in avoiding the probate process.