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10-million question

Updating Your Estate Plan After Divorce: Why It's Essential

Jon Peters is a movie producer associated with many well-known projects including A Star Is Born, Batman, Man of Steel, The Color Purple, and…
Representing an Elderly Client

Representing an Elderly Client

Do you understand your duties when representing an elderly client? It is critical for you to be aware of the potential liability that the client…
probate assets

What You Should Know About the Latest Changes to Deeds Upon Death

The Deed Upon Death (also known as a “Transfer on Death Deed”) is a method of transferring real estate to your loved ones upon your passing…
Hate speech update

Hate Speech Update

In our February 17, 2022 blog article entitled “Hate Speech is an ethical violation even when not related to real estate activities” we discussed…
do I need a will

Do I Really Need a Will?

Maieutics. That’s the word used to describe the Socratic method of answering a question with a question. The short answer to the question…
Separation Doesn’t Prevent Nevada Spouses from Receiving Your Estate

Separation Doesn’t Prevent Nevada Spouses from Receiving Your Estate

In 2010 the New York Times printed an article entitled “The Un-Divorced”. The article discussed couples who have stayed separated for years…