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Living Trusts v. Wills

There are several differences between a living trust and a will. The following infographic explains just a few of those differences. To view more infographics, please access our library.
7 Tips for Co Parenting

7 Tips for Co-parenting during the Coronavirus.

As couples self-isolate due to the coronavirus, it is anticipated there will be an increase in the number of divorces. The isolation will likely put a further strain on relationships where problems already…
Commercial Real Estate and Covid-19

An Approach for Commercial Landlords

As Covid-19 wrecks havoc upon our personal and business lives, commercial landlords and tenants have options available to them where tenants have been ordered to shut non-essential businesses. While landlords’…
What if the Executor Doesn't Probate the Will?

What if the Executor Doesn't Probate the Will?

What Does Probate for a Will Mean? Have you wondered “what is a will and probate”? The word “probate” originated from the Latin word “probate” which means “to prove.” A will is a legal…
Whats Up or Down with Real Estate Prices

What's Up (or Down) with Real Estate Prices?

The Covid 19 pandemic has transformed the housing market from its spring season typical peak into a deep valley. Buyers, fearful of venturing out or no longer qualifying for mortgages, are on the bench.…
A Picture Says a Thousand Words and May Cost You.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words... and May Cost You.

According to a NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, eighty seven percent (87%) of persons who searched for a home on the internet found photographs to be among the most useful features of REALTOR®…