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Opportunities for Probate Sales

Don’t Miss Opportunities for Probate Sales

Sales of real estate during a probate are a great opportunity for real estate licensees. However, there are additional requirements the licensee should be aware of in probate sales. Be Bold and Adventurous.…

Social Isolation of a Loved One

Your elderly mother executed a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions and nominated you to serve as her healthcare agent. Years later, she is diagnosed with dementia and continues to live…
probate assets

Which of Your Assets Are Considered Probate Assets?

Inheriting some items can lead to the inevitable probate process, the legal procedure that is required but can take a long time to establish who is entitled to what. Plenty of assets do not require probate,…
Why You Need A New HCPOA

Why You Need A New HCPOA

In 2019, the Nevada legislature made some significant changes to the law which impacted these types of powers of attorney, and we feel strongly enough about it that we're making recommendations to all…
Life Sustaining Treatment

Life Sustaining Treatment

In all durable powers of attorney for healthcare decisions, there is a section that deals with these types of issues. I think that sometimes clients just don't really spend as much time as they should…
Las Vegas Revie -Journal Award

Best of Las Vegas - We appreciate your vote!

Drizin Law is pleased to announce that we are currently nominated for a Best of Las Vegas award in five categories! Best Elder Law Best Estate Law Best Divorce Law Best Law Firm Best Family Law We…
Nevada’s Seniors and COVID-19

Nevada’s Seniors and COVID-19

Recently, U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., highlighted the need for action when she spoke on the Senate floor about vulnerable Nevadans in nursing homes. She called on the Senate to pass legislation…
Probate Sale Basics

Probate Sale: Basic Things You Need To Know

When a homeowner has passed away (the “Decedent”) and his or her home is owned solely in the name of the Decedent, a probate proceeding will likely be required. Probate is a court supervised process…
Transferring Guardianships

Transferring Guardianships from another state to Nevada

A typical scenario Five years ago John was diagnosed with moderate to advanced dementia. His doctor concluded that it was no longer safe for him to reside at his home by himself and that he could not…
What is HCPOA

Health Care Power of Attorneys

Understanding HCPOAs This is probably one of the single most important parts of everyone's estate plan that really isn't given quite the attention that it should. A Durable Powers of Attorney for Health…
Understanding a pour-over will

Understanding a Pour-Over Will

Estate planning is an essential process that you must carry out if you want to make sure that your loved ones are provided for once you have passed. The whole idea of estate planning is to decide where…
Do You Know What Your Health Care Agent Can and Cannot Do?

Do You Know What Your Health Care Agent Can and Cannot Do?

A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions (a “DPOA”) enables you (the “principal”) to provide instructions to a third party (the “agent”) regarding crucial decisions when you are…
Cremation, Organ Donation, Funeral Arrangements and Your Estate Plan

Cremation, Organ Donation, Funeral Arrangements and Your Estate Plan

Few decisions could be more personal than the disposition of your remains upon your passing. Nevertheless, many estate plans fail to address these highly emotional issues. Estate planning is one of the…
Estate planning for business owners

Estate Planning Guide for Business Owners

Why is Estate Planning Important? Owning and running a business is not easy. Almost all business owners get caught up in the quest for growth, never pausing to consider the possibility of, the aftermath…
Free Probate Training - July 21, 2020 at Stewart Title

Free Probate Training - July 21, 2020 at Stewart Title

Please join us for a free 1 hour training with Attorney Lee A. Drizin. Masks will be required for all attendees, we look forward to seeing you at the event. Please note: the event is capped at 20 RSVPs…
Covid-19 Causing You Problems Getting a Home Loan?

Covid-19 Causing You Problems Getting a Home Loan? Help May Be On the Way

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a tightening of lending standards making it more difficult to get a home loan. However, help may be on the way from the Federal Housing Financing Agency (FHFA)…

Living Trusts v. Wills

There are several differences between a living trust and a will. The following infographic explains just a few of those differences. To view more infographics, please access our library.
7 Tips for Co Parenting

7 Tips for Co-parenting during the Coronavirus.

As couples self-isolate due to the coronavirus, it is anticipated there will be an increase in the number of divorces. The isolation will likely put a further strain on relationships where problems already…