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Why Estate Planning Shouldn’t Be a DIY Project

These days, social media can help you figure out just about any do it yourself (DIY) project. Do you want to fix a leaky faucet, make your own soap, install your own garage door opener? Chances are there’s…

November 19th, Free Lunch and Learn

Please join us for a free Lunch and Learn to be held Tuesday, November 19th, 2019. Attorney Lee Drizin will be presenting a one hour CE on Estate Planning Issues Affecting Real Estate Transactions. …

November 13th, Free Lunch and Learn

Please join us for a free lunch and learn to be held at ERA Brokers on Wednesday, November 13 from noon to 1 pm. The course will be taught by Attorney Lee Drizin. Please RSVP by calling (702) 940-4500…

Don't Let Estate Planning Scare You!

Not having an estate plan can be spooky!  When it comes to creating an estate plan or reviewing a currently existing plan, most people procrastinate. Download our free e-book about Nevada Estate Planning…

Risk of dementia linked to certain medications.

Dementia is caused when diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes, damage the brain. Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse. In most cases, there…

Inheritance of Real Estate with a Mortgage: Who Pays?

Your mother recently passes away and executes her Last Will and Testament before her passing. The Will provides that you are to receive her home worth $300,000 (which is still encumbered by a mortgage…

Compensation for Personal Representatives

The Last Will and Testament of a decedent will generally nominate someone to serve as the personal representative. The personal representative is responsible for addressing certain issues and following…

October 29th, Free Lunch and Learn

Please join us at Western Realty for a free 1 hour Lunch and Learn with Attorney Lee Drizin.
Seniors being hungry is a nationwide epidemic.

Seniors being hungry is a nationwide epidemic.

Time recently published an article reminding Americans of a growing problem facing seniors. Millions of seniors across the country quietly go hungry as the safety net designed to catch them frays. Nearly…
Letters Testamentary

What are Letters Testamentary?

When someone who wrote a will dies, the person named as the Executor of the Estate in the Will must file with the court to obtain Letters Testamentary before they can legally act in their official capacity…

The Man in the Mirror

Creating a real estate listing and uploading it to the MLS is a fairly routine operation. On November 13, 2014, Inman News published an article entitled “Don’t sabotage your MLS listing: three digital…

October 18th, Free Lunch and Learn

Please join Attorney Lee Drizin for a free 1 hour lunch and learn.

Happy Labor Day!

From all of us at Drizin Law, we wish you a happy and safe memorial day.  
Estate Planning Mistakes to avoid

Common Estate Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Taking care of your estate plan feels morbid to some people. As a result, many people die without taking the steps they would have taken to ensure their wishes would be followed. Every state has a will…
Free 2 Hour Real Estate CE

September 26 -Free 2 Hour Real Estate CE in Mesquite

Please join us for two Free 1 hour Real Estate Ce's to be held in Mesquite on Thursday, September 26th. Please rsvp to (702) 798-4955.
Importance of pour over will

Never Work Without a Net: The Importance of a Pour Over Will

The revocable living trust is a method of planning for the distribution of your estate upon your passing. The Trust enables your assets to be distributed to your beneficiaries without being subject to…
FIduciary duties

August 27 - Free 1 Hour Lunch and Learn

Please join us for a free Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, August 27th taught by Attorney Lee Drizin.
Free Real Estate CE

August 14th Free Real Estate CE

Please join us for a free 1 Hour Real Estate CE - Avoiding Breaches of Fiduciary Duties While Representing Seniors to be held August 14, 2019.