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Real Estate


Coronavirus: Disclosure Issues, Obligations & Best Practices

Understanding that licensees and real estate agents have reasonable concerns about the current coronavirus outbreak, we’ve decided to address these issues. In this video, we will discuss disclosure issues including the Seller’s obligation to disclose to buyers if he/she or someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.
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Coronavirus: Guide for Nevada Real Estate Licensees

Understanding that licensees and real estate agents have reasonable concerns about current coronavirus outbreak, we’ve decided to address these with guides that will be published weekly.
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Estate Planning


Difference Between Will & Revocable Living Trust

This is Attorney Lee Drizin, and today I’d like to talk about the difference between a will and a revocable living trust. Clients often ask us whether or not their will has to go through the probate process and, unfortunately, it does. Read Transcript


Storage of Your Estate Planning Documents

This is Attorney Lee Drizin, and today I want to talk about where is the best place for you to store your estate planning documents. You’ve gone through this process of gathering all your information, putting in your desires down on paper, meeting with your attorney, and ultimately, reviewing the documents that have been prepared for you and getting those executed. Read Transcript


Why You Need A New HCPOA

In 2019, the Nevada legislature made some significant changes to the law which impacted these types of powers of attorney, and we feel strongly enough about it that we’re making recommendations to all of our clients that they need to consider having a new power of attorney for health care executed. Read Transcript


Life Sustaining Treatment

In all durable powers of attorney for healthcare decisions, there is a section that deals with these types of issues. I think that sometimes clients just don’t really spend as much time as they should think about the implications of these decisions. Read Transcript


What is HCPOA

This is probably one of the single most important parts of everyone’s estate plan that really isn’t given quite the attention that it should. A Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care Decisions is just the legal authorization by you, the “principle”, for another person, known as the “agent”, to make decisions regarding your health and medical care when you’re no longer able to provide informed consent. Read Transcript


The Need to Review and Revise Your Estate Plan – Part 1

Doing changes in your estate plan on your own, like removing or adding names will not work and may even result in the revocation of the entire document! Other possible issues include oral promises that were not included in the plan or keeping the location of your estate plan a secret. Read Transcript


The Need to Review and Revise Your Estate Plan – Part 2

In this video, we discuss more reasons for estate plan revision. Such reasons include changes to your marital status, changes in laws, changing nominees for Trustees or including desires of disposition of remains and funeral plans. Read Transcript

Family Law


7 Tips for Co-parenting during the Coronavirus.

Attorney Ethan Kottler

As couples self-isolate due to the coronavirus, it is anticipated there will be an increase in the number of divorces. The isolation will likely put a further strain on relationships where problems already exist. However, for couples that are already divorced and sharing custody of their children, here are some helpful tips to navigate co-parenting. Read Transcript