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Lee A. Drizin Biography

For more than 30 years, Attorney Lee A. Drizin has practiced in the areas of estate planning, probate, trusts, guardianship, and real estate matters. He has an outstanding track record handling contested probate and administration and has been extremely successful in both jury and non-jury trials.

“Every family dynamic is unique, I enjoy crafting a custom estate plan or figuring out how to address a contentious probate matter. I’ve made it my life’s work to help families navigate some of the most difficult times of their life. It’s not easy work, but it is very rewarding.” Lee’s journey as an attorney has taken him across the country. After graduating from UNLV in 1982 he attended law school in San Diego. He subsequently traveled to Boston University and received a Masters of Law in Taxation in 1986. He spent the next two years working in the tax department of an international accounting firm and then started his own law practice in 1988. A year later, Lee married his wife Donna, and in February 1994 they relocated from Boston to Las Vegas.

By March 2003 Lee knew it was time to steer his own ship again so he established Lee A. Drizin, Chtd. Within two years his firm grew from two to six employees. “I wanted to create a small firm that had experienced attorneys and paralegals who could provide the attention to detail necessary to provide outstanding service. Our firm focuses on real estate, trusts, estate planning, probate, guardianship, divorce and custody issues. I’d like to think that during the most stressful times of a person’s life, they have a small firm they can turn to that will be there to navigate all the legal twists and turns.”

Lee has extensive experience in business and commercial real estate transactions, representing both national companies as well as individual buyers and sellers. He is experienced in all aspects of contracts and legal issues which may arise in developing, managing, leasing, or owning a property, including construction issues and contracts, commercial leases, insurance coverage, & disputes with tenants. He often represents real estate licensees in mediations, arbitrations, contested hearings & trials before the Clark County District Court.

Lee’s workday is diverse and may include crafting a custom estate plan, litigating a probate or real estate matter, teaching a Real Estate or Social Work continuing education course and then setting up a Family Trust. The various components of his expertise are intertwined and give him an advantage when tackling legal issues. Knowing when to be the litigator or simply the facilitator for his clients requires patience, understanding, and foresight. Regardless of how busy his day may be, Lee never loses focus on providing the best quality service to his clients. “It’s incredibly rewarding when clients send friends and family members to use our services. That means a lot to me, it’s an indication that not only have I been doing this work for over three decades, but that my former clients are very satisfied with the work our firm has done. There’s absolutely no greater compliment I can receive, then to have their referral business.”


– Cynthia

I am a past client of Lee Drizin and reside in the State of Illinois. My case was complex due to a State of Nevada guardianship, where the Ward (my sister), was found to be neglected when she came to Illinois to visit me.

My refusal to return my sister to Nevada prompted the necessity for legal representation from a Nevada attorney. I hired attorney Lee Drizin, who consistently responded to hundreds of emails, phone calls and written documentation, throughout a five month period. His immediate research of court documents, support, advice and his solid ethical foundation, brought my vindication from any wrongdoing and my sister’s freedom from a ten year guardianship. Attorney Drizin listens to his client, responds appropriately and takes action. I knew exactly what was happening and why at all times. His tenacity follows the truth from his client, trust is established and ultimately rewarded with the finale of winning.

Success resulted due to his every recommendation, careful execution and strategic moves, together with seamless teamwork intervention. Attorney Lee Drizin and his team earned five+ stars from this client.

– Howard

Lee is a trustworthy man who has the best interest of his client at heart. He aspires to understand what may be the clients goals and explains the law within the given situation in order for the layman to have the proper expectations. Lee and his staff are very detailed oriented and very responsive. Expect questions that will make you think about what you need to consider and know. Then expect to get information regarding the alternatives. I have worked with Lee on employment agreements and my corporate papers. He is my resident agent for my corporations and has worked on my will and trust paperwork where he has shown all the best of his legal mind, his steady questioning and his caring personality. He has consulted with me on real estate questions and a variety of additional matters. I would highly recommend Lee Drizin and his law offices.

– Glenn

I have been devastated by the loss of my family and the legal fallout. I had no idea how difficult the job of Guardianship would be and I appreciate Lee and his firm for their support throughout this difficult time. I could not hope to do that without their continued kind support. I feel very good about the work they did to support me. Not everyone has the opportunity to make such a positive contribution to the lives of others.

– Kamran

When I need counsel, Mr. Drizin is my go-to attorney. He’s diligent and highly skilled in his field. I’ve hired him on a couple occasions regarding real estate matters and he advised and represented my firm which resulted in positive outcomes. I highly recommend Mr. Drizin to anybody needing an attorney that will work with your interests in mind.

– Janet

I am very impressed with Drizin Law. Lee spent time explaining all my options and his paralegal was super easy to work with. They were very friendly and efficient, went above and beyond and even provided me with additional information after our case was closed. I highly recommend this firm.