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Twists and Turns in probate sales.

Selling real estate is often the greatest undertaking a personal representative or administrator will face during the probate process. Drizin Law will review the purchase agreement to make sure the appropriate language is included in counter offers. We also address disclosures that can create liability for the personal representative pursuant to NRS 113. In addition, we work closely with your agent to achieve a successful confirmation hearing.

The confirmation hearing.

At the Confirmation Hearing members of the public may submit additional offers to purchase the property.  Real Estate Agents are often unfamiliar with this Court process which can easily cause problems in completion of a sale. Drizin Law successfully guides you and your agent through this process.

Experience counts.

Attorney Lee Drizin has been approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division to teach a course for agents about these requirements and has met with hundreds of Las Vegas agents about sales of real estate in probate proceedings.  Having a Probate Attorney with extensive real estate experience can make all the difference!

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