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What is a Trust Reformation and How Does It Work?

Did you know a trust could possibly be revised even after the death of the Settlor?

When a trust is unclear or ambiguous, the beneficiaries or trustees may file a petition requesting the court reform (revise) the trust document. Reformation is permitted under very limited circumstances by Nevada Courts. If you feel a reformation of a trust is needed, you should have the advice and counsel of qualified attorneys with many years of experience dealing with these types of estate litigation matters.

Based on decades of experience, our Nevada Trust Reformation Lawyers will review your case and provide sound advice for clients who are unable to administer an estate or trust because the terms of the document are unclear.  Our Las Vegas Lawyers are experienced in complex trust matters and work with trustees and beneficiaries to resolve problematic issues. Our Estate Planning Lawyers also have extensive experience in reforming trusts to provide the best tax benefits, as heavy taxation can diminish the value of an estate.

Our Nevada Trust Reformation Lawyers provide in-depth insight and help you understand your options.

Trust Reformation

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