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Customer Testimonial

Lee Drizin is fabulous attorney! We used him for a trust litigation matter and with his excellent ideas and talents, we were successful in settling before trial. He listens well and it is very apparent he gives his cases a lot of thought. I felt he truly cared about and believed in our case. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a good trust litigator who is very familiar with Nevada courts and case law.

Honest, respectful, and very kind as well as very helpful even with free phone call consultation. This is about the attorney that I just don’t want to misspell his name and thank you very much again for your honest consultation.

Attended one of Lee’s estate planning classes, it was well worth my time. He is very professional and knowledgeable. My husband and I are looking forward to working with him on some estate planning. Definitely someone I would use and refer to my friends, family and real estate clients.

Upon the death of my mother, I turned to Lee and his team for help. As I lived out of state, I was concerned about how this was going to go. Lee and his team reassured me every step of the way and they delivered. There was nothing established by my mother so we started at ground zero. They were great in putting together a plan to resolve everything. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Everyone needs to have their estate wishes organized and legitimized. Do you want your family to make hard decisions? I believe many families do not take this step for fear it is expensive and confusing. Lee Drizin and his team speak plainly and in terms everyone can understand.

Lee Drizen does an excellent job with real estate advice.

I had previously heard the praises of attorney Lee Drizin, and when probate matters regarding a loved one entered my life, I learned first-hand the praises were well-founded. Mr. Drizin is warm and cordial, and these traits are reflected in his capable staff, including associate Ethan Kottler. Everyone in the firm was patient and understanding when my sad emotions were too near the surface. On the business end, I found that the professionalism, knowledge, and follow-through on the part of the staff was top-notch: paperwork was provided timely, and the legalities and court procedures fully explained. I was never kept waiting for our conferences and meetings, and if I happened to arrive early, the staff was right there to take care of our business. The probate process has complexities to it, and the Drizin people handled it expertly. I sum up the Lee Drizin Chtd. firm with these two words: personable and professional and can only give highest recommendations.

My sister unexpectedly passed away last summer and had a trust with a property in Las Vegas, problem was the deed didn’t have the trust on it. Her main home is in CA so we needed the court in NV to put the property in the trust. After calling SEVERAL PROBATE attorney’s all of whom didn’t know what I was talking about, I found Lee Drizin!

His staff was VERY well versed in what I needed. In a matter of less than 90 days they got the documents completed, served, filed and approved by the Judge. In addition they completed all the additional paperwork needed to put the property in the Heir’s name. We didn’t have to go to Las Vegas for anything, not even the hearing which he appeared at for us.

The staff was extremely helpful, they took all the worry and stress away during one of the most difficult times in my families life. The retainer was extremely reasonable and we got a refund because he didn’t use the full retainer! This was one of those times the money didn’t matter and yet we were blessed with a competent qualified attorney in Lee Drizin and staff!

I, am a past client of Lee Drizin, reside in the State of Illinois. My case was complex due to a State of Nevada guardianship, where the Ward (my sister), was found to be neglected when she came to Illinois to visit me.

My refusal to return my sister to Nevada prompted the necessity for legal representation from a Nevada attorney. I hired attorney Lee Drizin, who consistently responded to hundreds of emails, phone calls and written documentation, throughout a five month period. His immediate research of court documents, support, advice and his solid ethical foundation, brought my vindication from any wrongdoing and my sister’s freedom from a ten year guardianship. Attorney Drizin listens to his client, responds appropriately and takes action. I knew exactly what was happening and why at all times. His tenacity follows the truth from his client, trust is established and ultimately rewarded with the finale of winning.

Success resulted due to his every recommendation, careful execution and strategic moves, together with seamless teamwork intervention. Attorney Lee Drizin and his team earned five+ stars from this client.

I live in Hawaii and my relatives became ill in Las Vegas. Not knowing many people here, I reached out to a friend who recommended Mr. Drizin. Because my aunt was so ill, Mr. Drizin took the time to come to the hospital to work out a trust, will and POA for both my aunt and uncle. He was professional at all times and always put their interests first. My uncle commented “he actually has a heart, I feel like he really cares about us ” and we were able to complete the trust and move all the funds into it so my uncle was protected. I would without hesitation recommend Mr. Drizin to anyone in need of an attorney specializing in wills or trusts. Five stars across the board!

Ethan Kottler has been my attorney for a number of cases. He has always come through for me. However, one case takes Ethan to the highest level of esteem in my book.
During a very hard time with my mother, Ethan took time from his busy schedule to not only come to our home but also to bring an assistant to act as a Notary Public. You see my mother was not able to leave the house. Had it not been for Ethan we would have never been able to accomplish this particular task. He saved us in a very difficult time and I’m forever grateful to him and his professionalism. I HIGHLY recommend Ethan for your legal needs.

My experience with the Lee Drizin Law Office and Ethan Kottler has been perfect. I always get a positive outcome and Ethan consistently returns calls. They make me feel my case is the only one they have and they have great relationships at the courthouse. When my cases were tried everyone knew my attorney and were glad to see him. It calmed my nerves and I felt strangely more comfortable about the whole situation knowing that the court respected my attorney. Simply, they just make it easier for me when legal issues arise and I always feel my family is safe. Over the years I have met the staff and everyone treats you professionally and courteously. Lee Drizin is a firm I would recommend to anyone!

I called the law office of Lee Drizin due to a matter concerning probate. Ethan Kottler handled my case with positive results. I found Mr. Kottler to be a very knowledgeable attorney regarding the probate process in the state of Nevada. Throughout the duration Mr. Kottler kept me well informed and updated on the progress. He was very pleasant and always promptly returned any call or email questions I had. In addition to the pleasant experience of working with Mr. Kottler, I found the staff at this office to be very professional and helpful. I highly recommend this law office and in particular Mr. Ethan Kottler. I would definitely use them again for any legal matter if needed.

My experience in having Lee A. Drizin Law Offices (Attorney Lester Berman) represent me was more than I could have ever expected! I was pleased beyond my expectations. The representation was always clear and concise. I will also like to say that the staff (more like a team) is outstanding as well! 5 Stars ***** and Counting for the Law Offices of Lee A. Drizin! I highly recommend them with no hesitation. If in need of their services you can rest assured you have hired the best, you can leave the rest…

I want to thank this law office for providing me with a course of plan for my landlord tenant dispute where there was a breach of contract by the landlord and negligence to make repairs which resulted in a personal injury of my 15 month old who had to be rushed to the hospital and spend the day….although I couldn’t afford their services, I was told how to proceed. Mr. Berman didn’t rush me off the phone, he gave me free information “how to”. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lee is a trustworthy man who has the best interest of his client at heart. He aspires to understand what may be the clients goals and explains the law within the given situation in order for the layman to have the proper expectations. Lee and his staff are very detailed oriented and very responsive. Expect questions that will make you think about what you need to consider and know.

I have been devastated by the loss of my family and legal fallout. I had no idea how difficult the job of Guardianship would be and I appreciate Lee and his firm for their support throughout this difficult time. I could not hope to do that without their continued kind support. I feel very good about the work they did to support me.

I had Ethan Kottler address the differences between Living Trusts and Wills. He was quick in setting up a meeting. He was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Very professional and pleasant to work with. I am glad I found him. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. I even through in a speeding ticket at him and he was helpful in taking care of that for me as well. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business in the future with him.

When I need counsel, Mr. Drizin is my go-to attorney. He’s diligent and highly skilled in his field. I’ve hired him on a couple occasions regarding real estate matters and he advised and represented my firm which resulted in positive outcomes. I highly recommend Mr. Drizin to anybody needing an attorney that will work with your interests in mind.

I am very impressed with Drizin Law. Lee spent time explaining all my options and his paralegal was super easy to work with. They were very friendly and efficient and went above and beyond and even provided me with additional information after our case was closed. I highly recommend this firm.

Ethan handled my custody dispute, went to court and Ethan produced results that exceeded my expectations. He delivered great service and was always available for my questions, both by phone & email. I recommend Ethan’s services at every possibility.

I have trusted Lee with my estate planning for almost 15 years and he has always been very trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone needing estate planning services!

Lee Drizin is very professional and knowledgeable, his consultation and his classes are priceless when it comes to real estate law.

Ethan is very professional and knowledgeable with regards to trusts, probates and other legal matters. His firm has assisted multiple times in helping clients resolve their issues quickly and easily. I’d definitely recommend Ethan and Drizin Law.