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Our attorneys focus on assisting families with the challenges of guardianship. We know that dealing with a loved one with cognitive impairments can be overwhelming. However, our Drizin Law attorneys are here to explain each step of the guardianship process in detailed, understandable terms.

One of life’s greatest challenges is assisting a loved one who has cognitive impairments. We know how overwhelming it can be and have spent over twenty years helping Nevada families navigate the guardianship process.  Attorney Lee Drizin is experienced in all aspects of Nevada guardianship law and can assist you to:

  • Provide a Physician’s Certificate which is required to establish that your loved one meets the criteria for guardianship.
  • Prepare and file a Petition for Appointment for Temporary Guardian if emergency circumstances exist.
  • Prepare and file a Petition of a General Guardian.
  • Submit all appropriate orders to the court.
  • Obtain issuance of your Letters of Guardianship.
  • Explain in detail your duties as guardian of the person and/or estate.
  • Arrange for your completion of the required Acknowledgement of Duties form.
  • Prepare and file an inventory.
  • Prepare and file a Petition to Approve a Budget.
  • Prepare and file Petitions to sell Personal and/or Real Property when necessary.
  • Prepare and file Annual Reports regarding your loved one’s condition.
  • Prepare and file Annual and/or Final Accounts reflecting the guardianship income and expenses.
  • Assist you in determining and seeking summary administration when appropriate in order to avoid costly annual accounts.
  • Obtain an order discharging you as guardian upon termination of guardianship process

– Cynthia ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I am a past client of Lee Drizin, and reside in the State of Illinois. My case was complex due to a State of Nevada guardianship, where the Ward (my sister), was found to be neglected when she came to Illinois to visit me. My refusal to return my sister to Nevada prompted the necessity for legal representation from a Nevada attorney. I hired attorney Lee Drizin, who consistently responded to hundreds of emails, phone calls and written documentation, throughout a five month period. His immediate research of court documents, support, advice and his solid ethical foundation, brought my vindication from any wrongdoing and my sister’s freedom from a ten year guardianship. Attorney Drizin listens to his client, responds appropriately and takes action. I knew exactly what was happening and why at all times. His tenacity follows the truth from his client, trust is established and ultimately rewarded with the finale of winning. Success resulted due to his every recommendation, careful execution and strategic moves, together with seamless teamwork intervention. Attorney Lee Drizin and his team earned five+ stars from this client.

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