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Out of State Guardians: What Happens If You Move to Another State?

Your important decisions deserve sound, competent legal advice.

Do you have a family member or loved one living in Nevada who requires a guardianship but you live in a different state?  STATE GUARDIANSOur attorneys have been helping families with out of state guardianship for over twenty years. The guardianship process is overwhelming enough. However, despite the added complication of living a long distance apart from a loved one, we provide the much needed support along the way.

Previously an out-of-state guardian had to associate with a local guardian; however, the Nevada legislature has revised the law.  An individual who resides out-of-state can now be appointed as a guardian.

Guardianship can be an important tool for families especially if your loved one is refusing the much needed assistance or care that they urgently require. Guardianship gives the court appointed person the legal right to make decisions for an individual diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other related mental incapacities.  Guardians have the same type of authority a parent would have over a minor child.  With guardianship, families can seek to assure that their loved ones are in a safe and respectable living situation, receive appropriate medical care, and are free from any possible financial exploitation.

Our Las Vegas Guardianship Attorneys are committed to helping people through the entire guardianship process.  We also offer advice and counsel for families, aiming to preserve the dignity of the older person, while also seeking to protect them from harm.


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