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Petition to Terminate Guardianship in Nevada

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Not all circumstances which result in the court’s approval of a guardianship are permanent. For example, guardianship may have been appropriate because at the time, the protected person was suffering from an illness and was unable to take care of themself but has since recovered. In addition, someone may have been suffering from a psychotic incident but is now properly medicated and thriving.

In such circumstances, a protected person, the guardian or another person may petition the court for the termination or modification of a guardianship. The petition must state or contain: (a) The name and address of the petitioner; (b) the relationship of the petitioner to the protected person; (c) the name, age and address of the protected person if the protected person is not the petitioner; (d) the name and address of the guardian, if the guardian is not the petitioner; (e) the reason for termination or modification; (f) whether the termination or modification is sought for a guardianship of the person, of the estate, or of the person and estate; (g) a general description and the value of the remaining property of the protected person and the proposed disposition of that property. NRS 159.1905.


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