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Guardianship Lawyers Las Vegas – How Can We Help?


At the Law Offices of Lee A. Drizin we have been assisting families from Nevada and out-of-state with the guardianship process for over two decades.  We work with families to help guide them through every step of the appointment process, advising them of their options under the law. Our Las Vegas guardianship lawyers have extensive experience with Guardianship of the Estate, Emergency Guardianship, Guardianship of a Person, and Co-Guardianship.  Our Las Vegas guardianship attorneys also help families who are dealing with the added complication of living a long distance apart from their loved ones, providing much-needed support along the way.  We provide compassionate advice and counsel, aiming to preserve the dignity of the older person, while also protecting them from harm. For further information, please call one of our experienced guardianship lawyers at 702-798-4955 or CLICK HERE to submit your Guardianship question.

Why Choose our Law Firm?

1. Our guardianship lawyers in Las Vegas help vulnerable individuals in need of Guardianship/Conservatorship arrangements.

2. Our Nevada law firm is a resource for families.

3. Our guardianship lawyers are experienced, compassionate lawyers who advocate for seniors.

4. Our guardianship lawyers protect the interests of your loved one.

5. Our Las Vegas guardianship lawyers are prepared to assist with all aspects of Guardianship and Conservatorship matters.

6. Our guardianship attorneys have years of experience with Out-of-State Guardianships.

7. Our guardianship attorneys offer supervision and protection of aging parents.

8. Our guardianship lawyers in Las Vegas offer representation for Contested Guardianships.

What is a Guardianship?

A guardianship is a legal mechanism by which one individual or entity (a guardian/conservator) is appointed by a court to exercise certain decision-making functions on behalf of, and in the place of, an individual that is legally “incapacitated”. When guardianship is established, the incapacitated person’s legal right to make certain decisions with respect to his or her personal and/or financial affairs is removed and responsibility for making such decisions is placed in the court-appointed guardian.

A person may become “incapacitated” because of:

  • Severe Developmental Disability
  • Acute, Serious Mental or Physical Illness
  • Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and similar problems that can occur with old age
  • Serious Illness or an Accident
  • Alcoholism or Drug Abuse

There are circumstances in life that sometimes require the need to initiate a guardianship however, it is important to understand that many people who experience these problems are quite capable of making their own decisions and do not require a guardian.

Our law firm has extensive experience in the following areas of Guardianship:

  • Guardianship of the Estate
  • Emergency Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Guardianship of a Person
  • Co-Guardianship
  • Temporary Guardianship
  • Out-of-State Guardianship 
  • Limited Guardianship 
  • Guardianship Contests / Litigation
  • Senior Exploitation / Elder Abuse Lawsuits
  • Powers of Attorney

When considering guardianship in Nevada, it’s important to have experienced Elder Law Attorneys who can help you through the process. Guardians are there to facilitate life, not restrict it.  The Law Offices of Lee A. Drizin can assist you in ensuring that the best interests of your loved one are met.

Guardianships can be complicated, emotional, and a heavily contested area of law. Our Las Vegas guardianship attorneys provide compassionate support, helping our clients set up, transfer or terminate conservatorships. We also manage litigation over conservatorships, including disputes involving allegations of elder abuse, breach of fiduciary duty, and undue influence. We also provide legal assistance with the following:

  • Guardianship of a person with Alzheimer’s
  • Guardianship of a person with Disabilities
  • Conservatorship of an Adult
  • Conservatorship of a person with Dementia
  • Guardianship of a person with Mental Illness
  • Adult Guardianship –Taking Care of Mom and Dad
  • Guardianship of a person who is Mentally Disabled
  • Conservatorship of a person with Mental Disabilities

This information was developed as a General Guide and is not intended as legal advice.  The information contained herein applies to adults and is not intended to encompass custody and guardianship issues for minors.

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