The Guardianship Process

Your important decisions deserve sound, competent legal advice.

Don’t get discouraged.

We know that dealing with a loved one with cognitive impairments can be overwhelming. However, our Drizin Law attorneys are here to explain each step of the guardianship process in detailed, understandable terms. 

  • Provide a Physician’s Certificate which is required to establish that your loved one meets the criteria for guardianship.
  • Prepare and file a Petition for Appointment for Temporary Guardian if emergency circumstances exist.
  • Prepare and file a Petition of a General Guardian.
  • Submit all appropriate orders to the court.
  • Obtain issuance of your Letters of Guardianship.
  • Explain in detail your duties as guardian of the person and/or estate.
  • Arrange for your completion of the required Acknowledgement of Duties form.
  • Prepare and file an inventory.
  • Prepare and file a Petition to Approve a Budget.
  • Prepare and file Petitions to sell Personal and/or Real Property when necessary.
  • Prepare and file Annual Reports regarding your loved one’s condition.
  • Prepare and file Annual and/or Final Accounts reflecting the guardianship income and expenses.
  • Assist you in determining and seeking summary administration when appropriate in order to avoid costly annual accounts.
  • Obtain an order discharging you as guardian upon termination of guardianship process.

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