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What is a Health Care Power of Attorney?

A Health Care Power of Attorney (or Health Care Proxy) designates an individual that you trust  (the “health care agent”) to make healthcare and medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. This legal document also allows the healthcare agent to make decisions about life support, in the event you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself or if you can no longer speak for yourself. power-of-attorney-las-vegas-attorney199

A Health Care Power of Attorney is a critical tool because anyone could experience a sudden accident or a serious health issue and not be able to speak for him or herself. It is particularly important to make clear, in writing, what your wishes are should the time come when you are unable to communicate them yourself.

Our Las Vegas Estate Planning lawyers can assist you in understanding your options and ensure your documents accurately reflect your intentions. Having gone through the estate planning process with many of our clients, we can help you with the hard decisions and share our insight. The Health Care Power of Attorney is an extremely important legal document and our health care lawyers can best advise you about its provisions.

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