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Why Is a Will Important?

Your important decisions deserve sound, competent legal advice.

Why throw caution to the wind?

The preparation of your Last Will and Testament represents an important step in the management of your family’s financial and legal affairs.  A valid, carefully planned Will protects your assets from unwarranted taxation and limits potential probate fees payable by your Estate.  Most importantly, it ensures that your Estate is shared only among those that you have chosen.  This very important document will give you both peace of mind and save your family time and money.

Plan ahead. A will is perhaps the most important legal document a person will ever sign, and the simplest way to ensure that your assets will be transferred or distributed after your death according to your wishes is to prepare a will. It is crucial to have legally sound, comprehensive provisions in place.  If you don’t have a will or another legal method of transferring your property, the state will then determine the outcome of your property.  Most often your property will go to your spouse or next of kin.  If you do not have a relative to inherit your property, then by default the state will acquire your property.

The importance of updates. During the course of your life, you may find the need to update your will. A review or modification to your will may be required when there is a change in marital status, relocating to a new state, or the birth of a child.

One size does not fit all. We know how difficult it is to contemplate the decisions that one must make when it comes to planning for end of life issues, and want to insure your desires are carried out. If you have questions about your legal options we encourage you to call one of our experienced Las Vegas Will attorneys who will listen carefully and develop a set of options uniquely tailored to your needs. Each and every client we serve in drafting a will is unique and has their own set of needs.  A plan that works well for one family may not work the same for another. The laws regarding wills and estate planning can be complex. We can help by guiding you through the difficult decisions necessary in order to ensure that your estate is properly administered and in order.

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