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So what makes a Nevada Estate planning attorney’s advice so important?

Consider the following:

nevada estate planning attorney

  • Unlike employees at a form store or on-line DIY services, an experienced attorney can address your particular questions that are unique to you specific circumstances. For example, how to address issues relating to children from a prior marriage or what happens if you and your spouse are killed and are survived by minor children.
  • A Nevada Estate planning attorney should discuss with you certain types of decisions which you can include in a will relating to organ donation, cremation, and funeral arrangements.
  • A will is only a part of your overall estate plan and an attorney will discuss with you the importance and considerations involved with preparing durable powers of attorney for financial matters, durable powers of attorney for medical decisions provider orders for life sustaining treatments.
  • The Nevada estate planning attorney should discuss with you the importance of a self-proving affidavit.
  • An attorney can discuss with you the problems with probate and the non-probate methods to transfer property upon your death.

Remember, estate planning is being done for your family as much as for yourself.  There is great peace of mind knowing it was done correctly.

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