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Going through a divorce can feel a bit like going over the edge.  For almost two decades Attorney Ethan Kottler has been committed to helping Nevada families with their legal issues, and has devoted his legal career to the demanding and constantly changing area of family law.  From reaching an agreement in child custody, divorce, child support and alimony to division of complex, high-value property such as your business interests and investments, Attorney Kottler is available to help you with all your family law related issues.

Having worked on divorce matters both large and small, we understand the complexities of the emotions involved.  We believe it is best to work toward a resolution as expeditiously as possible.  Nevada is a no fault state, and divorce is contained in NRS Chapter 125 (Dissolution of Marriage).  A divorce may be sought solely in the issue of incompatibility (125.010).

An Uncontested Divorce is simply a situation where both husband and wife agree on all terms of the division of their assets, custody of their children, and all other financial matters concerning alimony and child support.  A Contested Divorce is simply a divorce in which the parties cannot agree on all the terms of their separation.

At the Law Offices of Lee A. Drizin, we strive to create a welcoming and caring atmosphere where clients feel comfortable discussing their family law needs and concerns in confidence. For more information on a divorce or your divorce please call 702-798-4955. We look forward to assisting you with your family law legal needs.


Nevada divorceGoing through a Nevada divorce or a Nevada custody battle may be one of the toughest challenges you will ever face. We know you spent years and perhaps even decades trying to make your marriage work and you didn’t come to the decision to divorce lightly. At the Law Office of Lee A. Drizin, we understand the unique challenges you will be facing and have been helping families navigate divorce law for more than 20 years.

Attorney Ethan M. Kottler has litigated all aspects of Family Law including contested and noncontested divorces, alimonychild support and custody. He has experience in all aspects of Nevada divorce including complex disputes of commingling separate and community assets, business division, maintaining health coverage post divorce and division of retirement and pension plans. Ethan is also a strong advocate for children and was asked by Family Court to assist with abuse and neglect cases where children are victims. Ethan enjoys Family Law, “Everyone’s story is unique. I make sure the judges get to know my clients and their specific legal concerns.” Ethan also has experience in handling divorce cases involving domestic violence and works closely with his clients to advocate for their best interest.

There are several things to consider when getting divorced. Nevada is a no-fault divorce state. You can select one of two reasons for agreeing toNevada divorce divorce, living separately for at least one year or incompatibility. Before you can file in Nevada, you must have lived in the state for at least 6 weeks and complete an Affidavit of Resident Witness i.e. someone must sign in front of a notary that you have lived in Nevada for 6 weeks or more.

Generally, five areas must be agreed upon in a Nevada divorce: Asset Division, Debt Division, Spousal Support (if any), Child Support and Child Custody. If you and your spouse did not have children or your children are now adults, then child support and custody will not need to be addressed.

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