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Do you understand all of your rights regarding child support issues? Child Support

Ensuring the child support obligation is fair and reasonable is equally as fair and as important as addressing the division of assets and alimony. Drizin Law has extensive experience ensuring you and your children’s rights are protected.

Child support is set by a formula.
The supporting parent pays a percentage of their gross monthly income as follows:

(1)  For one child, 18 percent;

(2) For two children, 25 percent;

(3) For three children, 29 percent;

(4) For four children, 31 percent; and

(5) For each additional child, an additional 2 percent,

Complex support issues. This is easy to figure out if one parent has primary physical custody.  The supporting parent pays the corresponding amount.  However, most parents share joint physical custody. Therefore it is necessary to figure out both parent’s incomes and offset the difference between the two.  As always, there are exceptions and deviations from the formula.  A parent who also pays for health insurance, supports other children from another relationship, or incurs child care expenses, all can modify the amount a court will order.


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