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Domestic Violence and Your Nevada Divorce.

When allegations of domestic violence arise, how can you afford not to retain an experienced family law attorney to protect your rights? Domestic Violence

Our domestic violence lawyers have both prosecuted and defended the
allegations of domestic violence. Domestic Violence carries special penalties in addition to a general battery conviction. A conviction of domestic violence mandates the loss of the rights to own a firearm. With respect to child custody determinations, domestic violence may raise a presumption that the perpetrator is not a fit person to have primary or joint custody of their child (NRS 125.480).

Our domestic violence lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights whether it is the person who has been domestically abused and requesting a protection order, or the person (alleged offender) who the protection order is against.

Our family law attorneys have a genuine desire to help people achieve a resolution in their family matters.

Nevada Domestic Violence

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