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Alimony: What Do I Need to Know Before Divorce?

Your important decisions deserve sound, competent legal advice.

Did you know the court can have great discretion in the award of alimony? 

At Drizin Law we fight hard to ensure that alimony orders are fair and reasonable. Our lawyers have been advocating on our client’s behalf for over 18 years. Alimony (also known as Spousal Support) is discretionary and depends upon a many of factors such as length of marriage, each spouse’s earning capability, and their respective financial ability and needs.  NRS 125.150 sets forth a guideline of factors for the Court to consider in making an award of alimony.

Spousal support can be modified or terminated and there are several types of alimony arrangements. Each arrangement is based on varying circumstances and needs of the individual.

  • Rehabilitative:  Rehabilitative spousal support is paid for a specific period of time and is intended to help the recipient become self-supporting. 
  • Temporary:  Temporary spousal support/alimony is given when the parties are separated and the divorce is not yet final. Spousal Support is given so that the spouse may maintain his/her lifestyle between the time the couple separates and divorces.
  • Permanent:  Permanent spousal support is paid for an indefinite period of time. The amount of money is ordered by the court to be paid by one spouse to the other at standard intervals, which generally continues until modification of the judgment takes place, one spouse passes away, or the receiving spouse remarries.  The amount of permanent alimony paid can be reduced by the courts.
  • Lump Sum Support:  Some states allow a spouse to pay the total agreed upon spousal support at the time of divorce. This amount is usually equal to the total amount of future monthly payments. This type of arrangement, however, may have significant tax consequences, so make sure you research all of your options with a professional.



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