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Important Legal Tips for Selling and Buying a Home

Selling a Home

We frequently receive calls from homeowners who intend to sell their home themselves.  While we certainly understand the motivation for doing so, the process is fraught with danger.  Did you know that NRS 113 requires a seller to complete a disclosure form regarding the condition of the property?  A seller who does not properly complete the form could potentially be held responsible for triple the amount of damages sustained by a buyer due to the failure to disclose a known condition.  Drizin Law has extensive experience assisting homeowners selling their homes who have elected not to retain a real estate agent.

Buying a Home

An experienced real estate attorney can review complicated real estate purchase agreements with you, consult on due diligence issues and even assist with negotiations.  The role of the Drizin Law is to protect your rights during the course of a real estate transaction.  This assistance may be particularly important if you are using a real estate agent who is a “dual agent” (represents both parties in the transaction).


Real Estate

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