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Drizin Law has extensive Real Estate experience and has successfully represented clients in arbitrations and the Nevada Real Estate Division.  Having counsel that is familiar with procedural rules before the Association is extremely important.  While agents are able to represent themselves in these hearings, it is still a good idea to consider retaining counsel because agents and brokers can get nervous and forget to bring up or focus on their most important legal points, and this could adversely affect your case.

Whether you retain Drizin Law as the Complaint or Respondent, you will find our services invaluable even if our participation is limited to discussing strategy before an arbitration or representing you at the hearing.

Real Estate

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When I need counsel, Mr. Drizin is my go-to attorney. He’s diligent and highly skilled in his field. I’ve hired him on a couple occasions regarding real estate matters and he advised and represented my firm which resulted in positive outcomes. I highly recommend Mr. Drizin to anybody needing an attorney that will work with your interests in mind.


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Lee is a trustworthy man who has the best interest of his client at heart. He aspires to understand what may be the clients goals and explains the law within the given situation in order for the layman to have the proper expectations. Lee and his staff are very detailed oriented and very responsive. Expect questions that will make you think about what you need to consider and know. Than expect to get information regarding the alternatives. I have worked with Lee on employment agreements and my corporate papers. He is my resident agent for my corporations and has worked on my will and trust paperwork where is has shown all the best of his legal mind, his steady questioning and his caring personality. He has consulted with me on real estate questions and a variety of additional matters. I would highly recommend Lee Drizin and his law offices.


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