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Nevada Parental Rights Termination

When facing the possibility of the termination of your parental rights, isn’t it imperative to retain an experienced attorney?

The importance of hiring an attorney. Terminating a person’s parental rights is a serious issue and has been dubbed “The Civil death penalty”  by the Nevada Supreme Court.  In determining whether to terminate someone’s parental rights, the Court must find a parent unsuitable as a placement option for a child for safety or other reasons.  If a parent cannot become suitable within a reasonable period of time, then they be subject to having their parental rights terminated.

Factors in determining if termination is warranted.  The Nevada Supreme Court looks at four basic things to determine if a parent is suitable or can face a termination of their parental rights. If the parent can provide (1) food (2) clothing (2) shelter (3) education and (4) medical care, then they are presumed to be suitable. Although a parent who commits physical abuse may face a petition to terminate their parental rights, there are other reasons such a petition may be brought.  If a parent also abandons or fails to support their child, then they could be subject to a petition to terminate their  parental rights.   In Nevada, a parent who has not seen their child in six months is presumed to have abandoned their child and termination of their rights may be appropriate.

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