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Best Ways to Save Money on Your Divorce

There are several ways to save money on your divorce. First, don’t just hire the first divorce firm you speak with. Many times people are in a fog and are unsure how to proceed. They hastily hire a divorce attorney without looking at reviews or asking any details. Consult google reviews or ask a friend if they know a qualified divorce attorney. Second, don’t get hung up on the initial retainer. Consider the firm’s hourly rate and as well as how they bill. Some firms bill every item in either 30 minute or 15 minute increments. Drizin law bills in tenth of an hour increments i.e. every six minutes. How does this affect you? Let’s say the hourly rate is $350 per hour and your attorney makes a six minute phone call to the opposing counsel:

This would be billed as follows:

The half hour minimum firm = $175

The quarter hour minimum firm = $87.50

Tenth of an hour firm = $35.00

This can surely add up over the course of litigation. People tend to focus exclusively on the initial retainer amount when the hourly rate and billable increment time is what is more important. Third, don’t think you will definitely save money by hiring a newly admitted, less expensive attorney over a more experienced attorney who has a higher hourly rate. The experienced attorney will likely save you time and money.

Fourth, make sure you follow up on everything your attorney asks you to do. When your attorney or their staff has to contact you to follow up on missing documentation, you are billed for this time. Fifth, check your revenge at the door. It’s OK to be emotional but retaliation against your spouse for what you perceive to be his or her wrongful acts against you only make the case more expensive. (Even if they may deserve it!) Not complying with Court orders for payment or withholding children from visitation may feel good temporarily, but it only adds to the time spent on your case, and also the bill.

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