The Dangers of a Family Caregiver

The stress of being a family caregiver can be enormous.  One recent study reflected 31% of family caregivers admit they want more help and 25% expressed they resent other family members who don’t help out more. Caregivers are more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety, higher levels of obesity, and a weaker immune system. In certain instances family caregivers just give up.

As a caregiver, taking care of yourself is extremely important for obvious reasons. However, the Nevada Legislature has recently enacted new laws to which could be used to punish family caregivers who simply throw their arms in the air and walk away.  NRS 200.5092 now punishes caregivers who desert an older person in an unsafe manner.

If you are a caregiver facing burnout or have already reached your breaking point, please know that there are alternatives.