According to a recent study, Nevada ranks tenth in the nation when it comes to senior hunger. The Food Bank of Northern Nevada states that almost three quarters of the people they serve are over age 65 or under age 18.  Essentially, one in every ten Nevadans will seek food assistance this year, and a significant proportion of them will be seniors.

According to Three Square, protecting oneself from food deprivation is more difficult for seniors than for the general population. Many seniors may have the financial means to purchase food, but not the resource to access or prepare food due to lack of transportation, functional limitations or health problems.  Seniors require greater consideration toward their health and medical needs that can become comprised when there is not enough food to eat.  Seniors are more than twice as likely to report fair or poor health status, and have a higher nutritional risk than seniors with adequate access to food.  Seniors are also at a much higher risk for chronic health conditions, such as depression, heart attacks, asthma and congestive heart failure, when they do not have sufficient sustenance.

Elder Law Attorney, Lee Drizin is a big supporter of organizations who reach out and help the elderly. His Elder Law firm contributes both financially and the staff #volunteer their time to help seniors in need.  Community service and volunteerism are an investment in our community and the people who live in it. This is our community and it’s important to recognize that our seniors have needs and we can help strengthen our community by giving of our time. One particular organization we support is the Senior Share Program at Three Square.  The Senior Share Program launched in 2010 and serves nearly 20 community partners and distributes approximately 2,400 boxes of food a month. Twice a month, Senior Share provides a supplemental box of groceries to seniors over the age of 60 living with chronic conditions, like diabetes and hypertension. The box consists of nutritious items including whole grains, lean protein and fresh produce. More than 27,000 boxes were distributed in 2014. Since its inception, Three Square’s Senior Share program has distributed more than 83,000 Senior Share boxes.

There are many ways that people can give back to our community and help Las Vegas seniors.  Below are a few ideas if you are interested:





Help protect federally-funded nutrition programs: Learn how you can protect federally funded nutrition programs that help millions of seniors who are struggling with hunger.