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Transferring Guardianship Across State Lines

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Moving a guardianship requires coordinating the laws of two states: Transferring Guardianship

When it comes to transferring guardianship between states, they are moving the protected person to seek counsel in both the original state and the new state because every state has different rules when it comes to transferring a guardianship. Some states may not recognize the guardian’s authority from another state and, therefore guardians will need to take special measures to ensure their authority is recognized in the state they are moving the adult ward to.

There may also be a notice and hearing requirements before the protective person can leave the state. A financial accounting or final report may also need to be submitted before the transfer of the protected person from out-of-state can be implemented. Guardians will also need to help their protected person maintain any government benefits that they may be receiving such as; Medicaid, Social Security and etc.

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