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Preventing Elder Abuse

The National Center of Elder Abuse defines elder abuse as “any knowing, intended or careless act that causes harm or serious risk of harm to an older person – physically, mentally, emotionally or financially.” Abuse of seniors can take many forms, including physical; emotional; sexual; financial and psychological.ABUSE

Prevalence. A National Institute of Justice study showed that nearly 11% of Americans 60 years of age and older faced some type of elder abuse in the past 12 months. Moreover, it is estimated that only 1 in 20 instances on abuse of seniors is ever reported.

Impact upon the elderly. Compromises independence and security; destroys legacies; and may lead to depression, hopelessness even suicide. Mortality rate for elderly victims of financial abuse is estimated three times higher than non-victims with an increased likelihood of premature institutionalization.

Prevention. The key to prevention is education – knowing the signs to look for and who to report abusive behavior to is imperative.

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