County Code Restrictions for Pets and Livestock

County Code Restrictions for Pets and LivestockYou’ve just closed on your new residence in Clark County only to learn that your next door neighbor is the proud owner of 14 cats. What can you do?

The short answer is, it depends. According to the Clark County website, no more than three dogs or three cats (over the age of 3 months) are allowed at one residence without a permit. If your property is zoned R1, R2 or R3 the limit is not more than 3. Still, other animals have lot size restrictions.

For horses, chickens and other farm animals, refer to Table 30-44-1, in Title 30 Unified Development Code section 30.44. The table breaks down “agricultural livestock” into small, medium and large animals.  You must determine which Residential District your home is located and which category the animal is classified. For example, horses are classified as large livestock and chickens are classified as small livestock.

In addition, the owner is responsible to limit noise, odor or any type of public nuisance that would be noticeable to neighbors.

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