Save Time & Money With These Helpful Probate Shortcuts

When a loved one has passed away, the last thing anyone wants to do is deal with frustrating legal processes. You deserve to have any assets that are owed to you released in a timely manner so you can grieve in peace.
With the following tips, you can speed up the probate process or skip it altogether.

Request a simpler process.

In some cases, speeding up the lengthy probate process is as simple as submitting a written request for the simplified version. According to Nolo, there’s a chance your request will be granted as long as the gross value of the estate in question is less than $100,000.

Claim the property with an affidavit.

With the help of a probate lawyer, you can completely skip probate with an affidavit. This short document just needs to show that you are the rightful recipient of a certain asset. Then your lawyer submits the affidavit and the death certificate to the entity holding your asset so it can be released. As with the written request, an affidavit only works if the gross value in question is under a certain amount. In these cases, that value can’t be more than $20,000.

However, even with these simplifications, probate is a tricky process to navigate without the proper training. So, have a probate lawyer in Las Vegas ensure your interests are protected. Contact Drizin Law today at 702.798.4955 for more information.