Short term rentals encounter new obstacle.

Any homeowner desiring to offer a short-term rental through services such as VRBO have been 
Short term rentals encounter new obstacle obligated to comply with Las Vegas Municipal Code Section 6.75. The process involves three stages. First, the owner would apply to the City Planning Department for a conditional use permit to determine if the use was allowed. Thereafter, the property must be inspected to verify the number of bedrooms and compliance with life safety and minimum housing requirements. Once the Conditional Use Verification is approved, the applicant is also required to submit a license application and affidavit to Business Licensing by the next day.

Previously, at the first stage, Planning would also determine if a special use permit was required. On June 21, 2017, the Las Vegas City Council passed Bill No. 2017-16 by a vote of four to three, requiring all short-term rentals to obtain a special use permit prior to commencing operations. In order to secure the permit, owners must produce proof of liability insurance for $500,000.00 and install letter-size placards outside the properties with contact information and maximum allowed occupancy. Any unit with more than five bedrooms is now required to maintain a resident manager on site during the term of the rental. 

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