Shoot Your Ex – for Valentine’s Day!

I just read an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal highlighting the “Machine Guns Vegas” special for Valentine’s Day.  Can’t wait to take my wife there, and if I do for Valentine’s Day, I am sure she will take me to Divorce Court the next day.  While I have never been to this shooting range (yes, I have been to some), I have noticed their various packages that provide tourists, shall we say, “interesting” shooting experiences from simulated SEAL extractions, to bachelor and bachelorette parties involving high powered weapons, and their latest “Just Divorced” package.  Men can walk in with their dudes — and women can take their lady friends — and they can all shoot the frijoles out of “wedding memorabilia” together.  Hey, what could go wrong?

Selling a house for a divorcing couple is a difficult and emotionally turbulent situation.  One or both of the spouses may not want to sell the property but may feel forced to do so for financial reasons.  While this hopefully will not escalate to the point one of them wants to pay a visit to the shooting range, there are some things a realtor can do to make the sale move more efficiently and lessen the emotional trauma.

  • COMMUNICATE to BOTH parties! It is likely the realtor was “found” by one of the parties.  The other one may feel slighted, no matter how great the sale may be, simply because the realtor was procured by the enemy.  Good and frequent communication will lessen this feeling.
  • Have BOTH parties be present for listing meetings.  Make them feel that they are BOTH represented equally
  • Create an atmosphere of TRUST.  Call or email the other spouse as much as you would the spouse who found you.

The last thing you want is to have a sale fall through because one of the spouses will not cooperate at the title office.  Remember to communicate well and communicate often, to both parties.

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