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Copy of Health Care POA

Three Important Facts to Know about Nevada Guardianships

A legal guardian is a person appointed by the court and has been given the authority to make medical and financial decisions on behalf of an individual (the “protected person”) who is unable to care…
Las Vegas Review Journal

Best of Las Vegas: Drizin Law Nominated in Four Categories

Drizin Law is pleased to announce that we are currently nominated for a Best of Las Vegas award in four categories!Best Elder Law Best Estate Law Best Divorce Law Best Law Firm.We would appreciate…
FIduciary duties

New 1 Hour RE Course on Representing Seniors - July 19

Our new course Avoiding Breaches of Fiduciary Duties while Representing Seniors has just been approved by the Real Estate Division. Please join us for a free 1 hour Real Estate lunch and learn to be held…
powers of attorney

Understanding the Differences between POLSTs and Health Care Powers of Attorney

An essential part of every estate plan is the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions (the “DPOA”). A DPOA authorizes your designee (referred to as the “Healthcare Agent”) to make decisions…
Timeshares and probate

Timeshares and Probate

Probate is a legal process by which title to property is formally transferred at death. A primary probate proceeding is opened in the state where the deceased is domiciled at time of death. Ancillary probate…
passing of Aretha Franklin

The passing of Aretha Franklin (the “Queen of Soul”)

The passing of Aretha Franklin (the “Queen of Soul”) serves as another unfortunate example of the damaging effects of not creating a clear and detailed will. A will is a legal document by which an individual states their wishes as to how their property is to be distributed at death.
Transferring a Vehicle's Title

Overview of Transferring a Vehicle's Title to the Beneficiary after the Probate Process

Transferring a vehicle’s title in Nevada after probate is completed is a relatively simple process if you have all the important documents before you start. The first step is gathering the required information…
language access rights

Understanding Language Access Rights

Over five million older adults across the country are Limited English Proficient (“LEP”). LEP older adults do not speak English as their primary language or they have a limited ability to speak, read, write, or understand English. Federal law prohibits discrimination based on national origin, including discrimination on the basis of language.

Size Matters (Sometimes)

One of the most common questions we receive is whether someone has a large enough estate to warrant purchasing a revocable living trust. A will is a written document that becomes effective upon your death.…
wire fraud

Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions is on the Rise

A glimpse of something new on the horizon can be seen in Bain v. Platinum Realty, LLC, No. 16-2326-JWL, 2018, WL 3105376 (D. Kan. June 25, 2018), where the United States District Court in Kansas upheld…
avoiding breaches of fiduciary

New 1 Hour CE Regarding Seniors Coming Soon!

If you are a broker and would like to offer this class as a lunch and learn for your office, please call Drizin Law (702) 798-4955. We prefer an office with minimum seating of 30 agents. We look forward to working with you.
Real Estate CE

Friday June 7th, Free 3 Hour CE in Pahrump

Please join us for an informative 3 Hour CE, What Every Licensee Should Know about Sales in Probate and Guardianship taught by Attorney Lee Drizin in Pahrump.
real property transfer on death acts

Free 1 Hour CE - June 25, 2019

Please join us for a Free 1 hour Lunch and Learn to be held Tuesday June 25, 2019 taught by Attorney Lee Drizin. To RSVP call (702) 732-7282.
nevada custody law

7 Things To Know About Nevada Custody Law

The Nevada legislature recently updated the child custody laws to favor joint custody between separating parents. However, there may be reasons to award one parent more custodial time over the other.
Bar claims against agents

Disclosure Form SOL Doesn’t Bar Claims Against Agents

The Buyers acquired a home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois after having received a Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Form (“SRPD”) which indicated that the Sellers were not “aware of material defects in the walls or floors.” On or about October 22, 2012, a few months after the Buyers moved in, a painting contractor hired to paint the kitchen noticed an area of damaged gypsum wallboard on the western wall.
Problems with DIY Wills

More Problems with DIY Wills

Do it yourself (“DIY”) Wills are inexpensive and convenient and there are lots of options on the internet for these services. Sounds great but they are also ripe with pitfalls.
buying house while seperated

Dangers of Buying a House While Separated

So, you’ve been separated from your spouse for a while and you’re not ready to take the step to divorce.  However, you are ready to buy a new house or condo.  Well, it can be done.  But be prepared…
probate attorney

The importance of “understanding”.

The failure to “understand” can easily derail a real estate transaction and, more importantly, lead to the filing of a complaint with the Real Estate Division or even a lawsuit against the agent. The moral of this story is not to hesitate to seek assistance in understanding any particular situation.