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Drizin Law - Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes

Did you know? Depending upon the state you live in, Death and Taxes within your estate will determine your probate fee's.
Contesting Wills

Contesting Wills

There are many times when people learn that a loved one has passed, and then discover that the Will they left behind wasn’t exactly what they were expecting. If you thought that you were going to benefit…
Drizin Law - All is not lost!

All is not lost!

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult, at best.  Now, you are trying to handle the passing of their assets and know that your mother or father had a Will; however, it’s nowhere to be found.
Estate Administration

Be Prepared

Be prepared,  is a statement that we hear very often. In all aspects, it is important that we are prepared for what is going to happen. There are different ways in which you can prepare for disaster,…
Facts About A Last Will and Testament

Facts About A Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a legal declaration in which a person names one or more persons to manage his or her estate. In the Last Will and Testament, a person will be able to state how they would like…
Communicating About Estate Planning

What Matters Are Involved With Probates

Probate is a legal process in which the deceased person’s assets are divided among the living heirs according to Nevada Law or the beneficiaries at the direction of the Decedent’s Will.  When you…
Worse than “Snakes on a Plane”

Worse than “Snakes on a Plane”

Could there be anything worse than Snakes on a Plane? A Maryland couple are suing the seller and her agent claiming they knew the house was infested with snakes.  The buyers, during the course of…
Law and Out of Order

Law and Out of Order

So when is Law and out of order? Even if someone creating a Will has testamentary capacity, a document can still be set aside as invalid if undue influence exists as a New Hampshire police officer recently learned.
Nevada Probate Attorney Fees

Why Hire A Probate Attorney

Why hire a Probate Attorney when you are dealing with an estate? Well, there is a really good reason for that. When someone you know passes away, their belongings go into what is called an estate. There…
Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty: Trustees and personal representatives of an estate are fiduciaries and have certain duties and obligations that must be met. If they breach their duty as a fiduciary, they may be removed from their role and may be personally liable for any losses that they have caused.
Las Vegas, Nevada Drizin Law - wills

Three Misconceptions Regarding Wills

Three Misconceptions Regarding Wills, wills are like many other legal documents: most people have an idea of what they are, but do not fully understand them until they go through the process of getting…
Las Vegas, Nevada Drizin Law - probate terminology

Probate Terminology

If you are in the position of serving as the administrator or executor of an estate, you may be feeling overwhelmed. In addition to the loss of a friend of loved one, you have certain duties as an estate…
Las Vegas, Nevada Drizin Law - letter of entitlement 3

Letters of Entitlement

In Nevada, there are several different methods set forth to administer an estate. Which one is used depends a lot on the size of the estate, in terms of monetary value. There are four primary methods:…
Las Vegas, Nevada Drizin Law 35

Intentions of Whitney Houston Likely to Fail

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the child of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, has been removed from a ventilator, remains in a coma and continues to show no signs of improvement. The Houston and Brown families…
A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell

Dean Smith, beloved coach of the University of North Carolina basketball team for 36 seasons passed away in February 2015 at the age of 83.  As part of his estate plan he included a surprise – he provided…
Divorce is going to the dogs!

Divorce is going to the dogs!

I ran into an old colleague the other day.  He recently broke off a long term engagement with his fiancé.  He proceeded to tell me that they get along well and had an elaborate custody and visitation…
Las Vegas, Nevada Drizin Law - baby first steps

Take the First Steps in Planning Your Estate

What is Estate Planning? Basically, estate planning involves the process of deciding what you want to happen to your assets and your dependents when you pass away or can no longer make decisions for yourself.Planning…
Las Vegas, Nevada Drizin Law - real estate

The Danger of Letting Emotions Dictate Your Actions

Some of the most difficult situations I encounter involve disputes between adult children from a prior marriage and the parent’s subsequent spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.  These situations can be highly…