Amnesty Programs for Building Code Violations

For owners of property who have made changes which required building permits and inspections but get them, amnesty programs exist which allow retroactive compliance. The cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas offer a year-round amnesty program if you self-report.

When an owner sells a home, it must report any unpermitted work on the Sellers Real Property Disclosure Statement. Failure to report the unpermitted work could result in the buyer bringing suit against the seller for a material non-disclosure which affects the value of the property. These suits carry treble damage penalties along with the ability of a buyer to recover all of their attorney’s fees. It is not a risk worth taking for a seller in the hope that the buyer will not find out about that patio cover or garage conversion the seller built without a permit. Even replacing water heaters or softeners require permits.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Code compliance preserves the integrity of the construction of your home and disclosure when you sell your home is required. Know when you need a permit if you’re making changes and be able to recognize work which requires a permit when you are buying a home.For assistance with compliance before sale or action after a sale when an unpermitted improvement or other condition which materially affects the value of a residence is discovered, contact Drizin Law today at (702)798-4955.