WARNING FOR LAS VEGAS SENIORS: One-Ring Scam Hits Southern Nevada

8 News Now posted a phone scam warning:  If you have ever received a mysterious phone call in which the phone rings once, you may be the target of the one-ring scam.

The scammer calls unsuspecting people, but purposely only rings once. If the recipient of the call does nothing, no scam occurs. If the receiver calls the number back, however, the scam reveals itself.

The scammer hopes you’re curious about who called and will call them back. When you do, you will be connected to an expensive international hotline – usually an adult entertainment service that charges as much as $19.95 as soon as you connect.

Just like that, you’ve been ripped off.  Several Las Vegas residents have experienced this scam.

Most of these calls come from Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica. If you don’t know someone from those area codes, don’t call back.

If you are wondering how to stop the calls from coming, you can’t. You can ignore them, however, which eventually discourages the caller from trying your line again.


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