Summary Eviction Attorneys

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In summary eviction proceedings landlords and tenants often represent themselves. However, if a summary eviction proceeding is not done properly, it can lead to frustration, wasting time and the resulting need to repeat the attempt to evict.

Did you know? Summary Eviction Attorneys

  • Summary Evictions are the fastest way to legally evict a tenant
  • Before a landlord files a petition for summary eviction, the landlord must serve a notice on the person(s) to be evicted.
  • There are six different statutes under which notices to quit can be served on a tenant. Sometimes, more than one notice is necessary and some notices have different time limits.
  • Summary eviction is not available after a foreclosure or in certain cases after a change of ownership and where the tenant claims an interest in the title to the property.
  • Summary evictions require meticulous paperwork and awareness of what defenses are available to tenants.

Summary Eviction Services:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • nuisance
  • failure to comply
  • holding over
  • no cause evictions/end of term
  • Abandonment of real and personal property
  • Post-foreclosure evictions/tenant’s rights
  • Security deposit issues
  • Recovery of delinquent and future rents
  • Dealing with damage caused by tenants
  • Options to Buy/Contracts for Deed

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