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There is a constant controversy involving homeowners’ associations (HOA) and the powers they exercise over property owners.  Issues which exist between an HOA board and owners can get quite heated and emotional.  Agencies hired by homeowners’ associations to collect dues, fines and penalties are sometimes abusive and stubborn.

When a homeowner engages in a dispute with an Association, the homeowner runs the risk of having a lien asserted against his property and the possibility of a foreclosure on that lien.  Most disputes must be submitted to arbitration/mediation.  However, non-payment of dues might require legal action to prevent a foreclosure on the owner’s property.

Simple disputes are best handled at meetings of an HOA board where agreements can be worked out. Most disputes which aren’t resolved by the HOA and the homeowner should be submitted mediation with the common interest community Ombudsman’s office. More serious disputes should be handled by competent counsel.  Our HOA Attorneys are experienced in dealing with homeowners’ associations and all issues involving mediation, foreclosure and the appropriate assessment of fines and penalties. We also deal with HOA liens foreclosure issues, clearing title and redeeming property after the foreclosure. This area of the law is very complex and competent counsel is a must.

Our HOA Services:

  • Assessment disputes
  • Interpretation of codes, covenants and restrictions, by-laws or rules and regulations.
  • Lien avoidance/removal
  • Lien foreclosures
  • Redemptions
  • Title issues
  • Meditations/Arbitration’s
  • Architectural review
  • Common area area issues
  • Condominium issues
  • Management, Meetings and Elections
  • Retaliatory Conduct
  • Leasing your property
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