Visitation Attorneys

Visitation Attorneys

Our Visitation Attorneys are here to help protect your rights and the future of your children. Our Visitation Attorneys have over twenty years of experience managing both standard visitation agreements and the more highly complex visitation cases.

Visitation can be complicated, and when visitation matters result from divorce, separation, domestic violence protection, paternity, neglect, abuse, guardianship or termination of parental rights, you need a knowledgeable family law attorney that understands how to provide you with solutions that will be in the best interest of the children involved.

We are aggressive Nevada Child Custody and Visitation Attorneys working for you in the areas of:


Standard Visitation Agreements
Grandparent Rights
• Father’s Rights
• Modification of Visitations
• Enforcement of Visitations
• Termination of Parental Rights (child abuse and domestic violence issues)

Our Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys work hard to achieve the best visitation results possible, knowing when to expect challenges and how to overcome them. We arrange proper visitation schedules so you can see your children on a regular basis. We take the extra time to answer our client’s questions, explain their rights and obligations, protect their interests, and prepare their case for aggressive litigation when necessary.


Child custody is probably the most important and the most difficult concern that a parent will face in the event of a separation or divorce.  Your child visitation arrangement should be aimed at integrating the best interests of your child; however this does not always occur if a parent does not have an aggressive and skilled family lawyer on their side.

Do you need help from a Child Custody Attorney in Las Vegas? When it comes to your child visitation, you don’t want any gray areas. We offer all clients a complimentary consultation. Please call our Visitation Attorneys at 702-798-4955 or contact us online at: