The Sellers couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting offers. They had moved out of the home and relied upon their Real Estate Agent to use reasonable efforts to market their home.  However, the Agent had something else in mind.

The Sellers have filed a lawsuit against their former Real Estate Agent alleging he intentionally listed the property above market value in order to discourage prospective purchasers.  Why on earth would he have ever done that?  Turns out that between December 27, 2011, and January 23, 2012, the Agent had been using the house for “sexual escapades” which were caught on hidden security cameras.

The Agent met a fellow Real Estate Agent at the house on ten different occasions and on the last one the homeowner just happened to check the video where she saw more than she had planned.  The lawsuit is seeking compensatory damages for invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and trespass of land.  Both Real Estate Agents were immediately terminated as well.

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