Thinking about Divorce? Maybe try a “Sleep Divorce” First

I went to an open house not long ago, and the Realtor showed me the Master bedroom, and he said, “See anything unusual?” He was referring to the set of separate queen beds the couple used. It was a scene out of a 1950’s sitcom.

A recent survey of 3000 mattress buyers reported they would like a “Sleep Divorce” in their marriage. I was surprised to learn that according to the National Sleep Foundation, 25% of all married Americans already sleep in separate bedrooms or beds.

Couples where one partner has restless leg syndrome, one is a night owl while the other likes to get up early, one with sleep apnea, all seem to benefit from sleeping apart rather than toughing it out for the sake of their marriage. People report that not getting enough rest is more of a barrier to an active sex life than sleeping apart.

So, if you are secretly suffering from struggling to get enough rest due to issue with spouse’s sleeping habits, try getting a “Sleep divorce” before getting a real one. Then you can sleep on it.

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