The Cost of NOT using an Attorney

Ann Aldrich used a free online legal form to complete a will in 2004. She left specific gifts to her brother which consisted of nearly all her assets at the time she created the document.  However, she subsequently acquired over one hundred thousand dollars several years later. When she died shortly thereafter, she had not revised the Will.

The brother argued that it was the Decedent’s intent to leave everything to him based upon the 2004 will. However, the Florida Supreme court disagreed in the matter of Aldrich v.Basile, — So.3d — (Fla. 2014), 2014 WL 1250073. The Court ruled that if she had intended this result, she could have easily included what is called a “residuary clause” that left everything to him. As a result, he now had to split these funds with the nieces of another sister who died before Ms. Aldrich.

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