The Staten Island Advance recently reported a story about John Franco and his wife.  Franco isn’t just another professional baseball player.   He is the New York Mets all-time save leader.  The Franco’s are accused of bullying 60-something realtor Wendy King at a sale for their property in Staten Island in 2012.  The charges include unlawful imprisonment, assault and slander.  King alleges that a raging John Franco threw an autographed baseball at a wall in order to intimidate her.

As an experienced Las Vegas real estate attorney I have worked on numerous cases involving unruly clients.  Have you ever had any crazy clients?  We could all use a good laugh.  Feel free to share your all-time strangest, weirdest, wackiest, etc., client story and the three zaniest will be posted on our website (the agent’s identity will be withheld upon request).  Please don’t use any client names!

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