Lee Drizin

Lee A Drizin



In the early morning hours, on any given Saturday you may find Lee cycling amidst the amazing backdrop of Red Rock Canyon. “The views are spectacular and cycling makes me feel relaxed and energized,” says Lee as he runs off to his kids’ soccer and baseball games.   

Lee’s journey as an attorney has taken him across the country. After graduating from UNLV in 1982 he attended law school in San Diego. He subsequently traveled to Boston University and received a Masters of Law in Taxation in 1986. He spent the next two years working in the tax department of an international accounting firm and then started his own law practice in 1988. A year later, Lee married his wife of 21 years and in February 1994 they relocated from Boston to Las Vegas. “I couldn’t believe how much the town had changed since the time I was living in Las Vegas back in the 70’s.”

By March 2003 Lee knew it was time to steer his own ship again so he established Lee A. Drizin, Chtd.  Within two years his firm grew from two to six employees. “I am very fortunate because my practice has allowed me to focus on exciting issues affecting my community and the State at large.”  Lee’s work day is diverse and may include litigating a real estate matter, crafting an estate plan, drafting contracts, supervising a business transaction, or counseling seniors on how to prevent exploitation. The various components of his expertise are intertwined and give him an advantage when tackling legal issues. Knowing when to be the litigator or simply the facilitator for his clients requires patience, understanding and foresight. Regardless of how busy his day may be, Lee never loses focus on providing the best quality service to his clients. The same focus and endurance that are necessary for cycling are also applied for each and every client he serves.